Isla Bastimentos

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Isla Bastimentos – a scenic area of beauty, including the Bastimentos National Park, the island sports fantastic beaches, inlets and coves all around.

They have a beach named, Red Frog Beach, named after the poisonous red frog, endemic to this area. This island was deemed a well kept secret, due to its natural unspoiled beauty. Within the national park you can venture to Crawl Cay or Zapatilla Cay, both of which are situated on the southern portion of the island. The National Park teams with wildlife, however, sometimes it proves difficult to view due to the scattered islands; white faced and Titi monkeys are common, as well as the many sloth that are resident; and one has the opportunity to view wonderful marine and bird life.
All the islands around Panama offer the tourist a fantastic opportunity to participate in watersports and diving. The reefs abound with marine life and hundreds of species of fish and coral. The Caribbean sea side off the San Blas and Bocas del Toro areas offers great scuba diving and snorkeling, it must be mentioned that the Pacific Ocean side is the better diving choice due to the warm Indo-Pacific current encouraging a unique and colorful collection of coral reefs and tropical fish.

The amazing scenery coupled with the adventure of the rugged coast line on the Pacific side make for a truly unforgettable destination. The Caribbean side tends to offer a more serene established tourist destination. Each side of Panama has unique features to offer and it is recommended that both sides be explored to appreciate the full value Panama has to offer.

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Panama Islands
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